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The Great Impersonation

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In this classic espionage thriller, a chance meeting of doppelgängers threatens to plunge Europe into war

Crazed with thirst and fever, Everard Dominey staggers out of the jungle and awakens to find himself in German East Africa. His rescuer is Leopold von Ragastein, a colonial governor whose impeccable manners belie nefarious intentions. A loyal servant of the Kaiser, von Ragastein has been looking for a way to sneak into England. Discovering that his face is an exact match for the ailing Englishman’s, von Ragastein believes that he has finally found his chance.
When the man calling himself Everard Dominey returns home, his loved ones recognize that something about him is different. But with Europe racing toward war and England infiltrated by saboteurs of all stripes, will the truth emerge before it is too late?
Full of shocking twists, sinister intrigue, and irresistible romance, The Great Impersonation was a huge bestseller when it was first published in 1920 and is one the most entertaining spy novels of all time.
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