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G-TRAX Devo's-What’s in a Leader Part 1: Treasure Hunt

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It was the beginning of another day. The stars disappeared as night gave way to day. The horizon looked like as if it was on fire with brilliant colors of gold, yellows, and deep shades of blue.

You had spent the night out under the stars on a hill a short distance away from the town you grew up in. It was a sleepy, little town nestled in a lush, green valley. The grass on the hill was glistening with dew as if there were diamonds on the tips of each blade of grass.

As you went down into the valley, the town was still. There were a few lights on in the houses of those who had to get up early to get to work. There was smoke lazily rising from the brick chimneys. The air was brisk. Autumn was beginning to make its mark on the trees surrounding the town and covering the hillsides. You loved this time of year because the hillsides were speckled with the colors of autumn. You loved the slight chill in the air that marked the beginning of the season.

Very soon now, the rains would set in and outdoor activities would cease for a season. You had to make the most of the last few days of good weather. Clearly, this was going to be another remarkable day. The sun peeked it’s big, orange head above the horizon.

The day was upon you and you needed to get started. Your backpack was sitting beside you, filled with the things you needed for a long hike. It was a heavy pack, but you were no stranger to hiking with a fully-loaded backpack.

You were off on a trek to explore the deep caverns at the base of the hills north of town. You had been to the caverns many times but had never ventured too deep into the dark, ominous caverns. Today you were determined to explore them and go deeper than you had ever gone before. You had been warned not to venture too deep into the caverns because of the dangers that lurked inside of them but you ignored the warnings. You had been in there many times without any problems, besides you always had a radio transmitter with which you could contact officials in town in case of an emergency.

The sun was high in the sky by now so you rolled up your sleeping bag, picked up your pack and slung it over your shoulder. You were well-equipped for this journey.

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