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A Dangerous Business (Laura Curtis , #2)

161 pages2 hours


Bored by the mundane, Laura Curtis, Private Investigator, craves excitement, danger even; she seems to thrive on it. Tracking down stolen dogs doesn’t exactly float her boat.

She is soon to be reminded of the old saying…be careful what you wish for.

Out of the blue she receives a phone call from a woman who requests, almost demands, a meeting. Her daughter has been abducted and she wants to retain Laura to locate and return her.

Given the amount of information the woman is able to provide, it all seems pretty straightforward. It turns out to be anything but. In fact, it proves to be downright dangerous, life threatening.

Her investigation, her search, begins on the other side of the world. And ominously, she soon discovers she’s not the only one searching.
Who to trust? Who to believe? Who are your friends? More importantly, who are your enemies?

In finding out she gets all the excitement and danger she’s been craving…far more than she bargained for!

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