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Offshore Money

361 pages5 hours


Clifford Blackwell is a likable high-flyer who loves his life—he’s achieved success in the world of offshore finance and is about to find his match in a beautiful daredevil girlfriend, Victoria Love. Minding his own enjoyable business, he unwittingly walks into a twenty-four hour period that knocks his life sideways and nearly snuffs it. When his Nassau, Bahamas headquarters and state-of-the-art security is breached, he begins to uncover a complex web of betrayal that extends from the Chicago Outfit which has secretly expanded Las Vegas into a giant crooked Laundromat, to a member of his own family—and exposes an illicit operation implicating the National Security Agency (NSA) of illegal spying on all Americans and other corruptions. When a Swiss banker turns up violently murdered on Cliff’s super yacht “Banc Royale”, he knows things have gone too far to give up, even if it costs him everything. And it nearly does, when he comes face to face with the terrifying truth in the shadowy grey zone of offshore money.

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