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The Wizard Takes a Holiday (Now Fortified by Mad Science Moms & unDead Belles!)

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The Wizard Takes a Holiday is a flash fiction humorous rural fantasy of about 1500 words, by Red Tash. Originally meant as a one-off, it has since inspired six other Wizard Tales, each growing significantly longer as readers demand to know more about this mysterious character & the hidden world he roams, so like our own.

Application of the Scientific Method to Family Management is a short story in the humorous speculative fiction vein.  Approximately 4500 words, by Ash Krafton.

Southern Hospitality is a flash fiction historical horror short of about 1000 words, by Claudia Lefeve.

Lucian's First Trick is the story of a young man's last night in the childhood realm of his mundane life.  Sometimes when you say “Trick or Treat,” you get what you ask for.  Approximately 3500 words.  By Red Tash, this story was originally published in Sirens Call Issue #5, October 2012.

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