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Prayers For Pets: Do Animals Even Go To Heaven? Does God Care About Every Detail Of Your Life?

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Do animals go the heaven? Does God hear even our smallest concerns, does He care about the small things in your life? Should we pray for pets and people? Discover inspirational stories of miracles and struggles that show the depths of God's love for you and all creation. You will also see how community deeply touches all our needs.

These are moving, and wonderful stories that come from a very special Facebook Community, the original, Prayers for Pets. We are do our best not to go on feelings or hunches; but what the Bible really teaches. Written respecting many faiths.. As a Biblically based group open to all, together this community has touched thousands; the stories and content will touch you as well.

There are some clear answers that may astound you and this book demonstrates a foundation that is both solid and reassuring.You will want to share this news today, so get a copy for you and one to share with your friends.

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