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Atheism & Fraud: An Essay

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The essay refutes or critiques the positions put forth in a YouTube video offering: Top 25 Creationists Fallacies by Extant Dodo Productions. A preface makes some slighting remarks against the late Christopher Hitchens, and against Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, indicating motivation and fraud in the Darwinist position. I reproduce each supposed fallacy, give a synopsis of the video clip to show the purported use of creationists using the fallacy, and follow with a critique of the Fallacy. In a great many cases, Extant Dodos use the very fallacy that they attribute to the creationists in that fallacy. A follow on chapter has some appended material that includes a list of the fallacies, reason why I treat Extant Dodos so crudely in the essay, an excerpt discussing atheist attacks on the Christmas Nativity story to show their callous disregard for an honest portrayal of evidence of fraud, and a summary of the arguments against Darwinism.

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