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Whether you’re in a meeting, hallway, coffee shop, or conference—achieve ultimate mobility with the TABLET PC QUICK REFERENCE. Combining the simplicity of pen and paper with all the muscle of Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional, the Tablet PC is more than just cool—it can maximize your productivity, no matter how or where you work. Use this expert guide to get up and running faster, and take the power of a desktop PC—and more—anywhere you’d take a notepad and pen!Pen, voice, keyboard, mouse—you decide how to control your Tablet PCAccelerate your dexterity with the digital pen, Input Panel, and Windows JournalSave, edit, search, and e-mail your handwritten notesAdd notes and drawings directly into Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and other digital documentsAnnotate Microsoft PowerPoint® slides—even as you present themGo hands-free with voice commands and dictation capabilitiesSee how the Tablet can maximize collaboration and interactivity in meetings
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Tablet PC Quick Reference - Jeff Van West

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