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Bolt from the Blue: How Companies Can Handle the Unexpected, from Government Regulation to Cyber Crime

Length: 216 pages4 hours


Regulatory risk, whistleblowing, cyber attacks, supply chain threats, and more—the essential guide to dealing with corporate Armageddon


Essential reading for CEOs, directors, and senior managers, as well as business academics and investors, this is a topical and in-depth analysis of possible strategic responses to unexpected disasters that could be potentially fatal for companies. The headlines are full of stories of corporate disaster and scandal, and the kneejerk reaction is often one of denial, when an immediate reaction is needed from the CEO, who may be balancing the handling of government regulators and dealing with the fall-out from real time social media and its effect on public opinion. Forget about the old crisis manuals, this strategic guide is about the real dangers companies face today—the ones they don't see coming. Looking at some of the biggest corporate disasters of the last 15 years, this book spells out the lessons to be learned from the mistakes of others and explains what steps to take to get through a regulatory and reputational crisis and come out with both reputation and company intact. Outlining why dealing with such disasters is not just a matter for lawyers, it shows why you need the full spectrum of PR, shareholders, stakeholders, and government on your side. A must-read for executives in all industries.

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