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Overruling Him (Gay For You Romance)

Length: 172 pages2 hours


Waking up naked next to another man, even one as handsome as high-powered divorce attorney Tobias Sheffield, is still taking some getting use to for Ben. Tobias and Ben have been spending more and more time together - in and out of the bedroom. But when Ben’s father becomes ill, a trip back home to his strict Christian family will jeopardize everything…

Ben has strong feelings for Tobias, but with an uncertain future, a close-minded family, and an ex-wife who wants him back, he’s starting to wonder whether breaking it off might be the best solution. When he learns his father is dying and returns to Missouri, it becomes even harder to tell his family that he’s in a relationship with a man. Ben will have to find the courage to accept his true feelings if there’s to be a future for him and Tobias.


NOTE: Gay romance, steamy male/male sex scenes.

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