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Big Girl Poison: Stories 25-36

Length: 113 pages1 hour


Earl’s Big Discovery
It’s not over. It’s Earl Dean’s turn to learn something about himself. And he’s got a voice in his head helping him along the way.

In Her Van
Earl wakes up to find he’s changed, physically. But he’s not done for the day. The ghost wants him to meet another woman. He doesn’t need much convincing.

In the Shampoo Aisle
With a big boost in his testosterone, Earl is harder in so many places. It’s 3AM, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to wait around to get his next big woman. Time to visit the store.

Shopping for Clothes
Earl’s body has changed, and now his clothes no longer fit. A trip to the mall will take care of that, and a BBW there will help with other things.

In the Library
Earl has a new ability to attract women. What better place to test it out than the library? A hot, big girl waits there for him.

Power Butt
Earl definitely has a type of woman he likes. But the next one’s just a little different. Still, she might be just what he needs.

Professor Big Butt
Time for Earl to go back to school, but it’s only for a little while, and there’s only one professor he needs to visit, and boy does she have what he needs.

In His House
Earl has something new. Now he doesn’t even have to get out of bed to get what he wants.

With women arriving at his home to have sex with him, Earl is surprised at the ominous intentions of the next woman. Hopefully, things will get better soon.

While He Slept
This time, Earl wakes up to a treat. And it’s a big, round treat at that.

On the Dock
The next girl isn’t coming in. But that’s okay. Earl will go out to meet her.

From Afar
The next woman has come a long way to see Earl. She won’t be disappointed and neither will he.

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