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Southern Rock Songwriting Cafe: Professional Songwriting Coach

Length: 90 pages27 minutes


This is a workbook for writing Southern rock lyrics using executive coaching techniques. Coaching is the art of asking powerful questions. This workbook connects 40 writing exercises with the coaching tools of thought-provoking questions to help the songwriter find a successful outcome. These exercise recipes are presented in the form of a humorous cookbook using popular topics of Southern rock music; women, whiskey and barroom brawls etc…..

Other than group coaching session workshops, some additional uses for this book include:
• A practice workbook- We’ve provided song block pages next to each lyric recipe so you can write lyrics as you read along.
• A manual/guide on Southern rock songwriting- This book is also designed to teach principles of how to build detail within your lyrics by use of powerful questioning.
• A small group study guide- Southern rock Songwriting Café is an exciting way to get the whole band involved in the storytelling aspect of writing original music. It includes story clues, discussions and interview questions, and focus on character detail.
• A training in working with desires and purpose as a writing tool-A training that teaches writers to engage lyrics from the heart and build believable cultures where living from the South is the normal way of life.

“Most of us grew up listening to Southern rock music only to play it in the business of being a musician. The image we needed to grasp from what the Southern rock lyrics were saying has already been planted in our hearts by a decade- long anthem, “Freebird”.”

~Jo Whitney

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