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Holy Evil: Nikey & Tee

Length: 673 pages12 hours


Holy Evil: Nikey & Tee picks up were the first book, Awakening: Nikey & Tee, leaves off leading to the climatic conclusion in an epic confrontation between the Church’s secret department charged with eradicating pedophiles and other deviants from its ranks. The prim suspects from the Church’s vantage are the Chathers and their two lovers, all pagan bi witches with the ability to manipulate energy, suspected of being the ones turning clergy members in to sexual deviants. Monsignor Alsip, the one heading the rendition effort is convinced he can cleans the Church of the sexual monsters if he can capture one of the witches and put it to the question to confess all. The running battle between the Church and witches litters the street of New York and elsewhere on both sides of the Atlantic with bodies culminating in a final confrontation in the jungle of Belize.
As a result of the silent war the witches discover exactly who they are, where the came from many thousands of years in the past and are given a hint of what they may be headed for. Book three of the Tuatha de Danann Saga Born Again Bad: Nikey & Tee tells the story after other, such as the U.S. Government, discover what the witches are capable of and think on how their abilities with energy could be used for military purposes.

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