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Our Love Baby Bump

Length: 85 pages1 hour


John Greyward looked forward to working at The Pyramid Club every night. He took over running the club when Angel became a mom and got married to Caleb. He now had the pleasure of running The Pyramid club with their third partner, Charlie Jordan. Charlie carried herself with quiet beauty, and she had a knack with numbers while he ran the floor. But after the doors closed and quiet reigned all he wanted to do was kiss the sexy goddess with the blond streaks in her hair.

John got knocked for a loop when Charlie asked him a question that would change both their lives. Be the father of the baby she desperately wanted before she lost the chance completely. John had already fallen hard for the woman he called a friend, so the choice was easy to say yes. While she wanted a baby, John wanted the whole package, including the woman who carried his child. But as with everything in his life and Charlie’s nothing came in easy. But John was determined to knock down every obstacle for the woman he’d loved for so long. For them to have a future together, he’d walk though fire.

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