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Grettir the Strong

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The legendary Grettir was the strongest man in Iceland, cursed with misfortune but determined to make his own destiny

In Iceland’s history, many men stand out for their courage and talent, but one man stands taller than the rest.
When young Grettir is outlawed from Iceland after killing a man in self-defense, he makes a name for himself in Norway for his heroic deeds. But he goes one step too far, and in trying to rid a town from an evil spirit terrorizing the land, he is cursed to wander alone as an outlaw for the rest of his days. At first Grettir scoffs at the curse, but it soon becomes clear that no matter where he goes, misfortune follows him by day and the spirit’s eyes follow him by night.
Grettir is determined to rise above his fate, and stories of his strength still spread across the land. This is the tale of the rise and fall of the strongest, bravest, and unluckiest man in Iceland.

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