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The Shattered Stone

204 pages2 hours


Three teenagers must seek out an ancient prophecy to learn how to stop a war from destroying two kingdoms

Neva and Ivo have grown up in the safety of their forest utopia, surrounded by their animal friends and their teachers, Jartan and Mistress Silvia. But when they turn seventeen, Neva and Ivo begin to grow restless, longing to visit the world outside of the forest. When Ivo rescues Liall, prince of Andor, the two get their wish. The neighboring kingdoms of Andor and Brunn have been locked in a war for centuries, and soon they will destroy each other. Neva, Ivo, and Liall must journey to the shattered stone and read an ancient prophecy that foretells the only way to stop the war.
When they reach the shattered stone, they discover that the prophecy is missing two pieces. The trio must seek answers from far and wide in order to save the kingdoms. But what if the kingdoms don’t want to be saved? Neva, Ivo, and Liall will do whatever it takes to fulfill their destinies and bring peace to their world.

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