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Venice Heat: Urban Heat, #2

186 pages3 hours


Shae has been sent on vacation until her family can work out how to recover the lost data for tracking shifters. She chooses Venice, California because while it is close to home, she's never been there, and she hasn't had a break in years. All that's on her mind is enjoying the hot sun lying on a beach during the day, and partying all night long. When Shae meets her sexy Japanese landlord, she thinks she's found a little more fun than she had planned for. Eiji Tanaka might be hot to look at, but his icy attitude has lots of room for improvement. Shae decides to find her entertainment with another man, Darryl, who she meets in the club surrounded by his boys, all of whom are more aggressive than she likes. When Eiji shows up to warn her against getting involved with Darryl, Shae can't imagine what's his problem. Since she's used to juggling more than one man in her personal life and her professional one, she figures what's the harm in enjoying them both. That is until she learns the greatest danger can be found close to home.

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