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Chapter One: Introduction

Into the Wild by John Krakauer was first published in 1996. It is a non-fiction book which developed from an article written by the author for a magazine.

It was a nine thousand word article titled Death of an Innocent which was published in Outside magazine in their January 1993 issue.

This highly successful book was also adapted into a movie in the year 2007. The movie was directed by Sean Penn and the leading star in the film was Emile Hirsch.

The author had done a lot of research on Christopher Johnson McCandless. McCandless was born and brought up on suburban Annandale, Virginia. He graduated in May 1990 from Emory University. He had obtained very high marks in his exams. After that McCandless had stopped communicating with his family. He also gave away his twenty four thousand dollar college fund to a charity called Oxfam. Having done so, he began travelling across Western United States. During a flash flood he left his 1982 Datsun car.

The book describes the entire journey of the protagonist, Chris McCandless, in great details.

Chapter Two: Plot Overview

The story revolves around Chris McCandless. He happens to be a young graduate from Emory University. In September 1992, he is found dead, at the age of only twenty four, in the Alaskan wilderness.

The book begins with the description of McCandless’s childhood. He is born in a wealthy family in Virginia. He grows up in Virginia suburbs of Washington, D. C.

Right from the beginning he happens to be a highly gifted athlete and scholar. From his very early age he begins to show the signs of deep passion and intensity. He moves within a very strict moral compass.

After his High School graduation, he embarks on a road trip across the country. He travels alone. During his trip he comes to know that his father had a secret second family during Chris’s childhood.

When Chris McCandless comes back home, he starts studying at Emory University. He begins to show signs of anger for his parents’ betrayal and keeping a secret from him. With the passage of time his resentment continues to grow.

When he becomes a senior at Emory University, he begins to live monastically. He separates himself from his friends and adopts a very strict moral certitude. He stops communicating with his parents. He wants that his parents should continue to believe that he is taking interest in law school.

Having graduated from Emory University, he donates his saved money, twenty five thousand dollars, to a charity. He rides his car and drives away from the college. He does not inform anyone