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The Bedtime Stories of Mrs. Stone

Length: 82 pages1 hour


We all have those fantasies we allow ourselves to unlock in the dark, fantasies that those who know us in our regular lives would be shocked to discover. The Bedtime Stories of Mrs. Stone were created to allow a woman who lives a very conservative life to indulge in passions that would be frowned upon in her world. Slip into the late night fantasies of Mrs. Stone, where the rules are broken and the dark hides a myriad of sins and desires. The Seduction of Carolina Bleu invites a mystery lover to Carolina's bedroom. A Soldier's Homecoming reveals the way a young wife welcomes home the husband who's been away too long. Finally, dive into a naughty, fractured fairy tale with the Bleu Queen and the Dark King who can't wait to unlock the wild woman he sees behind her cerulean blue eyes, and will go to war for her once he's achieved that goal.

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