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Sporadic Ravings of a Lunatic - Andrew Morris

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Get me out of this place I don’t want to be. Take me out of this place I don’t want to be. Get me out of this place, can’t you hear me? Get me out, get me out, get me out of here. - Get Me Out by Stereomud

Chapter 1

Padded cells aren’t so bad. You can start a one-man mosh pit to the music only you can hear, and need not worry about injury. You can also pretend to wrestle your demons. When my guards finally got tired of watching me bounce off the walls and floor as I was wrestling my demons (complete with color, play-by-play, AND the referee’s count), I was able to convince them that if they would just give me pens and plenty of paper I would not attempt to end my own life. Sweet deal since there was no semblance of anything I could use as a weapon, and I have never had any desire to opt out so to speak. In any case, I have no idea how much time I’ve already spent in this padded cell, or this institution for that matter. I have had no means of tracking time, and wouldn’t even if I could; I’d rather just tell my story, or what I believe to be my story as honestly as I am able to recall.

At some point in my childhood, though I can’t pinpoint an exact when, the voices in my head began. The voices plagued me for many years after their initial appearance. Sometimes the voices would tell me ways to avoid trouble, fights, pain, that sort of thing. Other times they would goad me into doing something stupid, dangerous, and sometimes criminal. These times were usually nothing worse than egging a house, flaming dogshit ding and ditch,