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Finding Linda - Sean Monaghan

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Finding Linda

Sean Monaghan

Copyright 2014 by Sean Monaghan

Published by Triple V Publishing

Cover art by © Algol |

This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

This book, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without permission.

Finding Linda

Sean Monaghan





About the author


On February 22nd Danny Johnson arrived back in Flagstaff driving a stolen 2023 Ford Caribou pickup. As he pulled off the freeway and onto Milton Road the truck had a hundred and ninety three miles on the clock. Just after dusk, he'd slipped into Kingman Ford-Nissan and jacked the pickup from right off the lot and all the way from Kingman he'd kept to the posted speed limit.

Danny was actually surprised the truck had not only been stealable, but that it was still running. Carl's hack codes had been good.

It had a sticker price of eighty-nine thousand, nine-ninety, but it was already late in the season. The 2024 model designs were beginning to circulate and a canny buyer might get it for seventy-two even. Plus on-road costs.

Danny smiled. He was a very canny buyer. Too bad he had to give it back.

As he'd ascended along the I40 there were more and more banks of snow piled into the trees. The tail end of winter and he kept the heaters on.

Danny liked the showroom-fresh smell of the truck. It was a mix of bleeding new plastics, new carpet and floral scents. Back in McConnico Prison there hadn't been much that was new. Despite the latest round of prisoners' rights amendments, nothing changed. Every surface, every fabric, every utensil was soiled or damaged in some way. As prisons started running half-empty the owners kept cutting costs.

Still, it felt like a crime that he was going to have to give the truck back. The yard would have insurance. But he knew he had to stick to the plan.

First, find Linda.

Second, park the truck outside the Flagstaff police department, wipe it down and take the keys in. That part he already knew. He would go up to the civilian clerk at the counter and pass over the keys, telling her--or him--that he'd found the keys on the sidewalk and maybe someone was going to be looking for them. He'd been planning that for the last six months of his year inside.

It was the first part of the plan that was a whole lot more vague.

In Williams he'd stopped at the Texaco. The woman at the counter serving him was a simulacrum, a creepy robot that looked practically human. Sometimes they could get them right, other times they were just freaky. Texaco must be cutting back on staff.

In the quiet forecourt he used the beat-up payphone to call his mother. She was still in Portland, Maine, still working at the Sealady Diner with its mermaid over the front door and its menu of fish and lobster and little else.

Danny? she said. He could hear the television in the background.

Hi Mom.

You never call.

I've been in prison, Mom, remember?

That's right. Did they find the guy who did it yet? She laughed.

Not yet. I'm working on it.

I'm sure you are. Are you going to come up and see me.

Danny sighed. Much as he wanted to, he wasn't allowed across a state line for another six months. New Mexico