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Quick and Healthy Chinese Soups: Photo Cookbook

Length: 90 pages9 minutes


These are classic Chinese soups I grew up with. In the fall and winter months, these soups would be found in my mother’s soup pot more frequently. They are easy-to-make and nutritiously beneficial for our health. I love these soups from Mom, and I hope you will enjoy her recipes as well.
This photo cookbook contains 11 Chinese recipes for preparing soups, such as meat/veggie soup, fish/veggie soup or vegetarian soup.

There are 135 photos showing individual steps and making it very easy to follow. There is an extra chapter with frequently asked questions and answers on Chinese ingredients and basic rules of cooking Chinese soups, also photos are provided for being clear at a glance.

Chapter 1: Frequently asked Questions and Answers about cooking Chinese Soups
Chapter 2: Pork Rip with Carrot and Chayote Soup
Chapter 3: Beef with White Turnip Soup
Chapter 4: Fish Tofu Soup
Chapter 5: Sour and Spicy Fish Bamboo Shoots Soup
Chapter 6: Pork Rip with Lotus Root Soup
Chapter 7: Pork with Corn, Carrot, Tofu and Mustard Leaf Soup
Chapter 8: Winter Melon with Tofu and Mushroom Soup (Vegetarian)
Chapter 9: Chicken Feet with Peanut Soup
Chapter 10: Chicken with Bitter Melon and Pineapple Soup
Chapter 11: Chicken with Taro and Corn Soup
Chapter 12: Pork Ribs with Seaweed and Corn Soup

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