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Part One

Learning Genesis Quickly

Paul Sheets, Th.D.

Smashwords Edition

Copyright©2014 Paul T. Sheets, Jr.


ISBN-13: 978-1500343644

ISBN-10: 1500343641


IN THE BEGINNING Genesis was two different books. The first was called The Story of Adam and Eve. It’s believed that this book was written around 9 or 10(BC). Someone-obviously a priestly writer-decided that the Adam and Eve story contained nothing about how everything was created, chose to write his own book.

This second book was titled Genesis, and believed to have been written around 6(BC). The two books ran side-by-side in the Hebrew Bible. When the Greeks in Alexandria Greece decided to create a Greek version of the Old Testament, and certain New Testament gospels, they ran into a problem.

There were two books running together in the Hebrew Bible, but because both stories were so popular, they decided to join the two together, and kept the title Genesis.

When they joined these two books, more problems occurred, although they were minor ones. The Greeks ended up with a bible that would set in motion, the Dual Creation Theory. In Chapter one man and woman were created by God on the sixth day. But, in Chapter two we have God creating man again from a handful of dust, and later a woman from his rib. Thus, the Dual Creation Theory. Man and woman being created twice.

Another problem arises in the story of Noah and The Ark. Here Noah is told by God, two different times,