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Open, Not Just Another Book on Revelation: Volume 2

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A continuation of the detailed study of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the final book of the Bible which foretells the future of the human race. Volume Two picks up near the end of Revelation 8 and extends through Revelation 16. In this volume you will experience further devastation upon the earth as angels pour judgment across the globe. You will see the antichrist exposed for who he really is, and experience the affliction of the Jewish people as yet another attempt is made to annihilate their race. As with Volume 1, all Revelation Scripture is included as the study progresses, as well as much more Scripture in support and explanation of the revelation itself. A treasure trove of various topics and life lessons intertwined within Revelation are included to enhance the learning experience. This volume concludes with a review of the major events having transpired thus far into the prophecy to help you regroup in preparation for Volume 3. Thought provoking insight into the future of this planet and how to be prepared for its coming are here, as well as different viewpoints and interpretations so you can decide for yourself. The intent of OPEN is to increase knowledge and understanding, but more importantly it is to encourage you, the reader, to hold fast. Help is on the way. Taught from the point of view of a futurist, this extremely detailed, easy to understand work is a perfect study guide for individual use and a great help for group studies. You can understand Revelation. Let OPEN help you do just that.

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