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Wolf Tales Volume I

444 pages7 hours


“The Claiming” introduces us to werewolf pack Beta Shaylee. When her Alpha sends her to meet a human Shaylee finds herself falling for the human, but what secret does Kyle hold that will change the wolves’ lives forever?

“The Beginning” shows us the origin of all werewolves when a simple hunter Jon is changed forever by the exotic Fatik.

“The Legacy” brings us the next generation of wolves in the tale of Lars and Alexia, destined to meet by a legacy forever binding their parents.

“The Curse” tells of the darkest hour of wolf history when Jon touches true love in a single moment with Duana.

“The Magic” is the story of lost lovers Elizabeth and Koray, brought together after centuries when a mad killer begins stalking the wolves.

“The Lost” illustrates life for non-dominant pack wolves as new wolf Alejandro chases Omega wolf Valentina around the world on a desperate manhunt for the greatest threat the wolves may ever face.

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