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Own It: A Practical Guide to Defying the Odds and Claiming Your Life

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When Adi Redzic left the war-torn Balkans as a teenager in the pursuit of his own American Dream, he faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles: he was a homesick foreigner with English as his second language; he was broke, melancholic, and lonely. Without connections or money, he still found a way to graduate college debt-free, earn a graduate degree, and answer a call of service through entrepreneurship.

Reflecting back on his experiences, Adi decided to write a book that he wish he had when he was 17. What started out as a quick guide to getting into college, paying for it, and making the most of it morphed into a useful read for all ages: from high school and college students to their parents, teachers, and mentors and anyone who wishes to explore some of life’s most pressing and often most confusing questions.

Own It is a collection of practical lessons written to empower you to take charge of your life and win against all odds. In this book, you will learn:

- How to find your purpose
- Discover your passions
- Get an education and pay for it - Do the work you love
- Manage your money

Written in an honest and direct manner, each lesson is infused by the author’s personal experience and is a testament to the raw, imperfect, messy, and often difficult journey to fulfillment. It is not some fairytale, but stuff that works.

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