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Optimus Vice

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Human history is checkered with vice right from the time of Cain and Abel. Human vice, especially against mankind, has nothing of parallel. Human virtue has not been as profound as vice of which when catalogued, seems to hold more than 70% of the human population. When viewed, Jezebel who killed Naboth, Hitler who sent millions of the human race to death, Shaka Zulu who impaled his victims on sharp posts, Idi Amin, the slave traders, just but to name a few are leaders who were driven with such a zeal that human life was nothing to them. It is doubtful if these people ever thought of the hereafter. Basically, human vice cuts across, it is found in social, political and religious lives. Vice stares at us every day in our faces, for many people, committing a vice is easy; to do something virtuous becomes a burden to many people. Christianity in its latter days has become an organization entailing a two pronged class groups, those who have chosen the Bible as their final authority and those who have been made by other men to believe that man is final authority in Bible interpretation. For the sake of simplicity, I shall refer to the first group as "Bible believing Christians." The Bible believing Christian is found in the first group, the latter group comprises the “World Business Church”. Many churches of today are evolved from the second group, and although the church is dynamic in its growth for the simple and very important salvation of man, the second group believes in a mixture of traditions and the biblical tenets where the traditions supersede.

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