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Better With Age: A Boomer's Tale

166 pages2 hours


Baby Boomer Peter Barnes has fallen behind digitally at Catbird Technologies and is fearful that he’ll be RIF’d in a pending merger. Post-merger, younger incoming executives who are above Barnes in the new organizational chart load him down with work assignments clearly designed him up to quickly force him out. Even a long-time Catbird colleague who heads up the merged company has given subtle indications that he might not survive the next RIF. And everyone, including Peter, has their eyes on a pending IPO that will make them all wealthy.

Determined to save his job, Barnes learns to creatively use digital technology to start turning the tables on the incoming executives who have targeted him for elimination. Things start turning in Peter’s favor as one executive appears to be involved in a sexting scandal and another is secretly being enticed to leave his position for a startup. Then a deeper scandal surfaces and a shocking death throws CAT into turmoil. In order to keep his job, Peter must maneuver through the turmoil while proving his theory that successful executives get better with age.

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