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Toby's Christmas Adventure: A Children's Book [A Bedtime Story for Ages 5-9]

28 pages33 minutes


My eyes sparkle as my friend Hamlet, who is a mouse, and I fly on a magical reindeer. We go on a fun journey to the North Pole. We meet green elves that make Christmas toys. Santa Clause helps us build a snowman that sings and dances. It is made from magic snow dust. Bana, the magical reindeer, flies us into the enchanted forest to help me find friends for Hamlet. We meet Rufus, a friendly talking wood bug.

I think that this has been the coolest Christmastime adventure ever. We had a lot of fun and realized that love from family and friends are forever, no matter where they are.

Children ages 5-9 will enjoy riding along with Toby and his friends..

This short story children's book contains approximately 5,388 words.

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