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Forbidden (an erotic short story of piercings and foursomes)

53 pages46 minutes


Body piercings, interracial sex, threesomes and even foursomes—these are all forbidden things Briana would never have dared to imagine except in her most secret fantasies. She lives in a small Southern town, entrenched in a traditional marriage where the wildest things ever get in bed is the firm spankings she gets for defying her husband.

Briana couldn't have known that confessing her new-found fetish for nipple and genital piercings to her husband would unlock a whole new world. Yet when it turns out that he has a kinky fetish of his own, fulfilling her deepest desires prove to be just one hot, crazy adventure away.

This romantic and erotic short story is over 12,000 words long and features acts as diverse as cuckolding, male dominant play, unexpected threeways and fourways, and body modification fetishism.

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