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Manage Your Hypertension - Charles Spender

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Tepid baths

Hot baths and sauna

Adapted cold showers

Lifestyle changes

Potential adverse effects

Cited literature


This booklet describes several self-help treatments of hypertension. They will help you to lower high blood pressure and to prevent hypertension too. Because some of the proposed techniques can have adverse interactions with certain medications, please talk to your doctor about the self-management plan. You can also show your doctor the scientific evidence in the Cited literature section.

Tepid baths

The safest and easiest method for lowering blood pressure is immersion in tepid or warm water up to the neck. Even moderately cold water will do the job (down to about 20°C or 68°F). When a person immerses oneself in tepid water, a physiological mechanism called the diving reflex lowers both heart rate and blood pressure. This technique will also slightly lower normal blood