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Warrior's Christmas - Leigh Brock

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Bernie settled back in his chair and began to explain, "Many years ago, there were a group of people who settled in the foothills of Colorado. They formed a small town at the base of a large mountain. It was a very difficult place to try to live in the early years; many people came and went from the town. Six families stayed through all the trials and tribulations. One winter, with only the six families in the town, they were having a very hard time surviving the harsh elements of the mountains. A leader emerged from the group. A large man named Dare, who took it upon himself to find some way to make it easier for them to live. None of the families wanted to leave the valley because they loved the mountain that protected them. Every morning they would greet the majestic view and thank God for giving them the beautiful mountain to live.

"Dare went to the top of the mountain, hoping to see if there was a better valley for them to move to. When he reached the top, a huge blizzard caused him to seek cover. There was a small cave he found and used it for shelter. For many days, the snow swirled around the entrance of the cave and denied him the opportunity to leave. He was running out of rations and began praying for help. Late on the sixth night, trapped in the cave, Dare lied down. Dare knew he was going to die if he didn’t get out soon; he was lying awake when he heard whispers from outside of the cave. Thinking one of his townspeople had come in search for him, Dare called out for them to come into the cave and find shelter. There was no response, and no one came into the cave. Dare continued to hear the whispers, so he yelled again. This time he received an answer in return. A women’s voice called for him to come outside.

"Dare worried that someone was hurt and exited the cave. The swirling snow immediately surrounded him. He couldn’t see where the voice had come from. He walked a few feet and saw a small bundle lying on the ground. Thinking it was a hurt person, Dare scooped it up and brought it inside the cave. Once he was inside, he discovered a small woman in the bundle of blankets, looking closer, Dare realized he had never seen her before. He didn’t hesitate to help the woman; he bandaged her feet for warmth, built a small fire so she could get warm. Dare even took off his warm clothing and then used it to cover the stranger in hopes of saving her life. Another day passed, and as the storm continued to rage outside, Dare continued to care for the woman, feeding her the last of his food and water. Dare was asleep the next night when he heard the woman begin to speak. Dare was so shocked she was awake and talking to him, at first he refused to answer, thinking he was going crazy from hunger because she seemed to be unhurt. The woman rose from under the covers Dare had placed on her, she was surprisingly fit for all Dare thought she had been through. Dare thought once again he was dying, and this woman appeared to guide him to heaven. Instead, she sat down with him and explained the angels had decided to reward him and the families of the town for their devotion to each other and God. She gave him five gifts for the heads of each of the families. Each gift was something that could make their lives easier. The woman gave Dare a sword; it was a token to show he was the leader and protector of the rest of the families. When Dare grasped the handle, he felt the flow of strength and energy come from it and knew he would be able to defend the town from any foe. Once the woman explained each gift to him, she walked to the opening of the cave and pointed out the blizzard was gone and the sun was shining brightly now. The small woman smiled and disappeared into the light. Dare wasted no time returning to the town. When he approached the edge of town, he called for all the families to come and have a meeting. There he gave the heads of each of the families their gift from the mountain angels.

"So Dare explained the woman of the mountain wanted to show her thanks to them. Dare showed them the sword that he received to protect them from anyone who wished harm on them. Jared, a very quiet man, received an amulet of a black bear. When the man put it on, he called out a strange name, and a small black bear appeared at his side. He bent down and petted the animal knowing the bear was his guide to find food for the town, or to help call an army of animals to help defend them. A woman, who lost her husband last winter, named Kenya, received an amulet, too. She had a dove on her necklace; she knew she could communicate with all other animals through her dove, and send the dove out to lead them on hunting trips. The next man named Trey received a thin white stick. When he took it in his hand, he knew it had the power to help by bringing forward things they needed by just speaking the words. Dare called to a man who had the largest number of children in the town. He received a small object. Viktor held the object in his palm, and as he turned the stone from side to side, it would change color and form. He knew the object would lead him to find many precious stones and metals. They could mine. The final gifts were for twin brothers who were very small in stature. One received a vial with dirt in it, and one received a vial with water in it. The vial with the dirt was given to Ward, since he controlled the earth, providing rich soil and the ability to grow trees, flowers, and food anywhere they chose. The vial containing the water was given to Wane, since he controlled the weather. The heads of the family received the gifts.

"They discovered in time that their families also received the same abilities, and a ring appeared on their children’s hands, as they had appeared on theirs after time to work with their gifts. However, only one person was in control of the gift. That person was the leader or the head of their group. They received a bracelet as well as a ring on their hands. Dare received a bracelet and five rings one night after having a meeting with the families. They all knew his ancestors were destined to lead the families.

"Over the years, they adopted names for their families because they grew so much with each generation; new members came into the clan. The original families also established a ruling council, which monitored the gifts. So, because Dare was given the gifts personally from the woman of the mountain, he was assumed the leader; his group or Guild, is the Warriors. The Warrior Guild protects the other Guilds from those who want to exploit them; also, they lead the Guilds in helping the world remain ignorant of their presence and still improve everyone’s lives. Cassidy, you are the heir to the Warrior throne. The appearance of the jewelry is a sign that the time has come for you to remember your heritage, and step forward to claim the title of Warrior Queen.

"None of your parents died in a bizarre accident like was told to you. I’m sorry I lied. Rebels of our Guild, who want to rule the Council and conquer the human world, kidnapped them. We were sent into hiding to protect the royal line."


Yep, they were supposed to be on the road right now. Cassidy turned and looked at her friends. They had made it to the Interstate riding their bikes and feeling the freedom, when it dawned on them. Christmas, they were leaving the Stronghold three weeks before Christmas. They talked through their headsets while they traveled. Finally, they pulled over to the first place they could. On the Colorado Interstate heading north, that meant they had to drive for miles before they could pull over.

Seeing six custom motorcycles pulled over on the side of the road with the riders wearing black and multicolored leathers with helmets drew a lot of attention. Cassidy, the Warrior Princess, laughed when people kept honking at them. She knew what she looked like, tall and multicolored braids flowing in the wind, and a model like face, which made people stop and stare more often than not. Especially when she was with her boyfriend, Justice, who had long black hair and looked like he stepped out of a biker magazine. It was entertaining to hear people speculate on them.

Why didn’t someone remind me what the day was? Cassidy said grumpily.

Uh, we thought you could read the calendar, Cami laughed.

I know we will make it to Idaho before Christmas, but then we will get wrapped up in all this. I have an idea. Bernie and the other Guardians deserve to have one last Christmas. Let’s surprise them, Cassidy announced.

That would be good, but they totally will know if we don’t show up in the next week through the door. You know, and I know, Bernie will send out the troops if we don’t check in.

My point exactly, we know the town we are going to is desolate. If we get all the way up there we will not be able to pull this off, heck, I am not even sure if we have running water, Eli said. Maybe we should pause for a minute and think of something. We could always have stuff delivered, but I'm not sure who is up there. It would be easier to return to the Stronghold and have it there. We can invite everyone from Kallen's Stronghold, Dyl’s Stronghold, and have one big party. I would hate to miss anyone. Besides, the people need to feel hope again.

Cassidy grinned, You're right, let me make a call. I bet we can get Macy and Chase to get Tina and the others to help us. We check into a hotel and stay away, sending in updates.

Justice laughed, So our huge road trip lasted for fifty miles.

Dyl high fived his friends mate and said, Maybe next time we can make it another fifty miles.

Shut up, Cassidy said and pulled out her cellphone. She had Tina make them reservations at a hotel in Loveland, and they turned around. Riding the bikes was still fun. They looked like a biker gang, Cassidy thought. Maybe they could totally get Bernie one of those Tri Bikes. Justice still owned the motorcycle shop; they could order one for Christmas.

Plans needed to be made, and even though they stood out on the Interstate in Colorado, they had a meeting. Nothing should surprise their mates anymore. Jade, Justice, and Jazz looked at the group with amused expressions. Some may think this was unusual, they didn’t. Poor Echo, had no idea what she was getting into. She was Eli’s mate, and agreed to go to Idaho and do what she was supposed to. However, she did not trust any of them, especially Jazz, who kinda went crazy and tried to kill her a few days ago. It didn’t make the best impression. Hopefully, they could get that dealt with while they were chilling out in the hotel. Cassidy thought maybe they should just stop dancing around the issue and let the emotions fly, but of course Jade, who had become the peacemaker in the group, was more understanding.

They all took their different roles in the group, the same as they had when they were growing up. Although Cassidy was still the leader; Kallen, her Second; Dyl and Eli,