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Decoy: Assassin's Rising, #1

377 pages5 hours


An ancient evil stirs in the hills beyond Shaylis. The damned soul's influence touches rich and poor alike, twisting the people against their fellows and coating the streets in terror.

As if surviving his assassin training weren't a tall enough task, now Kaltor Stratagar faces a race against time. The creature's strength grows by the hour, compelling more souls to her cause. If Kaltor doesn't find a means of breaking her hold upon the minds of men, Shaylis will fall. 

Join Kaltor Stratagar in a desperate struggle of magic, steel and intrigue. Witness a battle of the spirit where the goodness of a man's heart wields more power than the strength of his arm, but only the skill with a blade can keep a man alive.

An even greater threat awaits Kaltor within the protective walls of Shaylis itself, for even damned souls can find friends in the most useful and unexpected places…

Dive into The Assassin's Rising Series, S. B. Sebrick's riveting epic fantasy world of adventure, mystery, and intrigue.

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