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Designing KPIs to Drive Process Improvement

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Do Your KPIs Drive the Performance of Your Business?

Process improvement is all about making things work better, whether this is because a process is broken or because we know it could be better. When you use your business’ information to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help you to drive the right kinds of improvement then the rate of change can be so much faster.

KPIs are popular in most businesses, but often these pieces of information don’t give you the right picture, or they tell you how bad things have been. This short book will help you to see your business processes and the relevant KPIs differently so that you can develop your own suite of tools to help you select the right process improvement activities.

Sometimes the required activity from making changes is improved discipline and adherence to existing processes, this book can help with that too. This book gives you a step by step process to follow to help you design the right KPIs for your business to achieve its goals faster.

So, if you are frustrated with the lack of buy in or decision making from your existing KPIs, or you are about to implement KPIs for the first time into your business then buy this book today and watch how the right KPIs can make a real difference to your business.

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