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In Hawke's Eyes (Vermont Mates, #2)

96 pages1 hour


Sequel to For Toron's Pride.

Stephanie is injured in a car accident and declared legally blind until she can get cornea transplants after a year of healing. Taking care of her ten year old daughter as a widowed mom is hard enough without Meechi’s grandmother and uncles insinuating she’s not capable. Her dead husband’s family doesn’t care about Meechi. They want the inheritance left for her to save their failing company. Stephanie is at the end of her rope until she meets Hawke.

Hawke is kind, strong, and sexy. She can’t see him clearly yet, but her fingertips tell her all she needs to know when she explores his body. While he is protective of her, he doesn’t make her feel weak and useless. Stephanie can see herself falling in love with this man, even though she’d decided not get involved with another man. When danger threatens her and her daughter, Hawke sweeps them away to a small town in Vermont, but can Stephanie accept Hawke when she learns his secret?

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