Second Chance

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Second Chance

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Length: 77 pages1 hour


It took quite a while for Tom to get adjusted to life after his father and mothers deaths, but with the help of his lover, Daniel, and Valerie, he was able to get back on his feet. Valerie showed him all the ropes of running the ranch and Tom made it even more successful than ever. Not all was smooth running, though. During a derby, someone pushed Daniel off his horse injuring him. Tom thought that Daniel had died when he did not wait for the nurse to finish her sentence, and he went into a stroke. When he came out of his stroke, he was surprised to find Daniel holding his hand. Daniel and Valerie organize a home coming party for Tom, and during the party he is tempted by Shania, a blonde with a crush on him, and they have sex. The big question is, what will Daniel think when he finds out the truth?

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