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Emotional Recovery from Situational Anxiety: How You Can Feel Safe Again

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People can be plunged into a world where they no longer feel safe. There are great books on anxiety but if your life has been turned upside down consider reading Emotional Recovery from Situational Anxiety first. Written by a working therapist with more than thirty years' experience, this book will help you find practical ways to manage the anxiety that could result from assault and abuse (sexual, physical, psychological), violence associated with war or law enforcement, being a crime victim, witnessing the aftermath of violence or an accident, marital separation, disclosure of an Affair, workplace mobbing, cardiac illness; cancer diagnosis, minor scares that have a disproportionate effect, or any of the above to someone we care about.
Emotional Recovery from Situational Anxiety will help you:
Understand anxiety and why we experience it the way we do
Know where to seek help
Learn three evidence based approaches therapists use to help you
Flow into fear and disable it
Learn through case examples how others healed
Assist children and teens with anxiety
Understand the role of family in healing
Understand the importance of having fun while healing

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