Twirlybirch Takes Off

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Twirlybirch Takes Off

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Length: 47 pages38 minutes


OMG! Beauregard & Sparkle Snowflake are suddenly left on their own! They need to leap into action or the two little runaways will get caught by the Police. On their way to a safe house they have to get past the attacking alley dogs. The scroungy old guy in the dirty truck could present problems for the Twirlybirch kids. Mean old Auntie Gertrude could have a hissy fit when she finds out they have taken over her house and started a backyard business. And what on earth is happening with those gigantic umbrellas?
The author (that's me) is donating his portion of all sales from this e-book to a non-profit organization that aims to alleviate poverty. The reader (that's you) can take pride in knowing that by purchasing this e-book you have helped make the world a bit better. As an added bonus you get a nice adventure story to read to little ones.

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