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I Am God

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Avant-Garde expressions on divinity. It internalizes the 3Ms: Mysticism-Marvel-Magic, with a novel & unique perspective of 3Cs: Consciousness-Cognition-Causality. It’s about the Registry & Artistry of a Super-positioned Consciousness, which aligns the cardinal elements within Subjective Self, Milieus (within & outside) and Idea of Divinity in singular linearity. If God is in details, it’s here.
First, accept the hypothesis – ‘Singular objective truth and realism apart, whatever seems and presents itself for observation is a registry and artistry of the hugely mystical marvels of brain, which unravels them through our mind consciousness.’ This leads to the primary question – ‘What is ‘fact’ and what is ‘fiction’ in life’s realism?’ It seems; realism – as a subjective self accepts – is brain’s choice (mostly randomized) of elements from the ambient milieu. Therefore, both ‘Fact & Fiction’ are equally entitled to being Realism. There are both tangible and intangible elements in any milieu. Consciousness (subjective self) as the navigation mapping mechanism, facilitated by the brain, accepts both elements with equal ease. Interestingly, all tangibles acquire form and content from the intangibles of life and all intangibles attain utility and suitability from tangibles. Therefore, it seems, realism is an eclectic mix of Fact & Fiction. However, it depends on early childhood milieu and initial experiences of a person, whether this mix has more fact or more fiction. We all are entities between the two extreme ends of realism. So is the idea of divinity, at least for the subjective consciousnesses.
From this realism is born the sub-realism that there are seven core and predominant elements in nature and, all matters of the universe, which stand to be observed by humans, shall have these seven elements – be it human culture, societal interaction structures, milieus (within & outside), subjective self as well as divinity. There is cyclicality among elements in external milieu, elements within self (instinct and culture) and the subjective consciousness. It is highly discernible and even replicable fact that constitution of the idea and expression of divinity has always had and shall have only those elements, which are instinctively present both inside human mechanism as well as in the external milieu. It is such a ubiquitous commonality that all elements of human consciousness, culture and divinity are the same. This is in sync with ancient wisdom that nothing external to consciousness exists; not even divinity. Science also says the same. The book has all the details and much more...!

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