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In this passionate selection of new poetry and lyrics author and poet Stu Leventhal returns to explore further his unique and popular style of rhyme, rhythm and magical language that has defined his life’s work. The subjects range from the wonders, struggles, ugliness and beauty of everyday life through nature’s fascinating faces to the mysteries of one's inner spirit and much more!
Drug Addiction, Love, Cyberspace, Art Itself, Man’s Future, Honor, Boredom, Truth are all just some of the tricky themes tackled in EXPRESSIONS by Linguistic Master Stu Leventhal! Wise with practical advice for living fully, packed with traditional and modern knowledge about relationships, work and family, the artistic words of Stu Leventhal’s writing reminds us of what is truly relevant; friends, loves, mankind’s development and honesty! With an attention to detail, Stu Leventhal bends words to his will! His often uncanny descriptive powers remind us there really are miracles happening all around us.
At its heart, EXPRESSIONS inspires us to truly live each day with gusto. Serious, humorous, sarcastic and heartwarming, Stu Leventhal allows his readers inside his head so we can all dream together! EXPRESSIONS by Stu Leventhal is a treasure chest of visionary poems for modern times and modern thinkers! Stu Leventhal’s poetry fans will once again be very pleased with this wondrous, new, revolutionary collection of word art.

Stu Leventhal is a poet, mystery, western, science fiction writer and freelance news reporter living in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA.

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