Shadow of Utopia (Vol. 3 - The Invasion)

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Shadow of Utopia (Vol. 3 - The Invasion)

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Length: 52 pages46 minutes


Volume 3 of the Shadow of Utopia series!

Once, long ago, the world was a happier place. It was beautiful and rich with life. There was music and laughter, pictures that could move, objects that could sing. When a life was born, people celebrated and hosted parties. When a life was taken, people were overcome with grief. There was light everywhere, and hope could always be found in the darkest of times.

That world was called Earth. Earth is no more.

Now, Cora is living in the colonies, where she keeps hearing talks of the mysterious 'Utopia'. Everything is fine...until one day, Cora is tasked with an important job.

A job so important that the lives of countless Mutants and Utopians rest upon Cora's decision.

Will she survive the strangers, the creatures, the...unknown that is waiting for her? Will she do the right thing?

Praise for Shadow of Utopia:
"The plot of this story is a very interesting twist on the apocalypse and mutant development."

"This is the story of one of the earth's survivors (Cora). She not only has an interesting background but is also hopeful for the future. Most of the earth's people have lost all hope. The quick-claws and the sharp-tooths are forces to be reckoned with by members of the village."

"The three book set provides an alternative future that is just as current today. Well written and realistic options are provided."

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