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Gus Mackie and the Missing Princess (Gus Mackie Novella series, #2)

95 pages2 hours


This book ia a novella.

Gus Mackie’s police detective friend, Bernie Longmire, comes to Gus with an offer of a special case. It has to be handled quietly since a country’s fate is at stake. The country has a king and his daughter is missing. Bernie is tasked with finding her, before the King and Queen go back home from the United State for an important celebration. But if they don’t have the daughter with them, the king’s rule may be in jeopardy. Has the daughter been kidnapped by a cousin of the king, a duke who wants to take over ruling the small monarchy by force? Or has the girl just run away from the pressures of being a princess? Bernie helps Gus in the quest to find the girl safely as the two men follow the trail. Will they find her alive and well, or will they miss her as she is spirited away to parts unknown. This is the second novella in the Gus Mackie series.

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