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A Handyman's Guide to Self-Publishing Your First Book for Free (or Almost Free)

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Are you one of the countless people who have a book that is aching to be published? Have you dreamed of getting your ideas in print? If you have the talent, the desire, the motivation, the time, and some limited computer and Internet skills, you can have your book published in an e-book and in paperback, from edited manuscript to finished proof, in about a month’s time for free (or almost free.) Self-publishing has never been easier.

Now is the time for everyone who has dreamed of writing a book to take that step and live their dream. This book is primarily written for the real do-it-yourselfer. You are about to take on the exciting roles of publisher, agent, marketing team, head of public relations, bookstore manager, sales manager, editor, and accountant.

In this book you will find step-by-step instructions on how to publish your paperback with Amazon’s CreateSpace and your e-book with Smashwords. This book will provide you questions that will lead you to answers about where to publish and in what format. You will be guided to create an author platform and a marketing pan. You will find examples of author biographies and press releases. You can check the appendix for author resources and lists of self-publishers and print on demand publishers. You WILL see your book published if you follow this simple handbook on self-publishing.

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