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Numerical Problems for PMP

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Most of the PMP aspirants find numerical problems in PMP exam extremely difficult. This could be either because of aversion towards mathematics or lack of conceptual knowledge to decipher these numerical problems. It is very important for PMP aspirants to become comfortable with numerical problems because it could account for 15 to 20% of 200 questions. To be specific, PMP aspirants find numerical problems related to Time Management, Cost Management and Risk Management difficult to handle and rely only on formulas.

Keeping the importance of these mathematical problems for PMP Exam, these fifty questions have been created. The fifty questions in this book will test participant's conceptual knowledge of subject. Answers with detailed explanation is provided at the end. If participants are able to solve these problems, they would find problems in PMP Exam relatively easy. These fifty questions are relatively difficult compared to what actually participants would come across in exam. However, becoming comfortable with these relatively difficult problems would make participants more confident to handle mathematical problems in exam

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