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Don Bosco's Gospel Way

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Over the centuries Christians have responded to the Gospel in a rich variety of ways. Some individuals have felt drawn by the Spirit to emphasise particular aspects of Jesus’ life, message and challenge. They have fashioned their own distinctive interpretation and response, their distinctive style and sound. Such figures include Benedict, Francis of Assisi and Clare, Dominic, Ignatius, John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila. Other Christians have subsequently felt drawn to the styles of Gospel living to which these inspired individuals have given birth, and great traditions of spirituality have developed in the Christian community, traditions which are very much alive today.
In the Piedmont of the mid-nineteenth century a young priest called Don Bosco was drawn to the spirituality of St Francis of Sales, the famous Bishop of Geneva. He named the religious order which he founded, the Salesians, after him. He adapted salient traits of his spirituality as he fashioned his own distinctive way of following the Gospel, and his particular mission to young people. This book is an attempt to explore some of the scriptural background which underpins Don Bosco’s Gospel Way.

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