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Green Growth Indicators for Slovenia

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Irresponsible and inefficient use of natural resources (excessive use of drinking water, air and water pollution, wasteful energy use, etc.) can lead to irreparable consequences (climate change, loss of biodiversity, etc.) and create obstacles to economic growth and development, but it can also pose a threat to human well-being. Therefore, guidelines are required to achieve “greener” growth and criteria for monitoring progress in achieving this goal.
In June 2009 ministers from 30 OECD countries and 4 candidate countries signed the OECD Declaration on Green Growth with which they would strengthen the efforts for putting into force the Green Growth Strategy as the response to the crisis in which they acknowledged that green and growth can go hand in hand.
The OECD prepared the Green Growth Strategy in which it combined the various economic, environmental, technological and development aspects into a unified framework strengthening the various aspects of economic and environmental policies.

The publication, which is the first attempt to present these indicators for Slovenia, brings 19 green growth indicators and their trends in a certain period. The indicators are divided into four groups and show to what degree the green growth strategy is being enforced in Slovenia.

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