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Spartan Living

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Want to save money?

Of course you do.

But you can't fall into needless consumerism. Right now there are multiple ways that you can save yourself money and improve your health and life. But you need to know what they are.

Spartan Living is your guide to simplifying your bills and finances. It delves into detail about what consumer products you should buy and those you should avoid. It's a guide to the best deals.

It also embraces the philosophy of improving your entire life by making it simpler.

Spartan Living wants to enable you to live without distraction like a Spartan. It touches such areas as:

* The attitude you need to live simply
* The importance of research
* How to improve your style on a budget
* Buying cosmetics, and which ones work and which ones don't
* How to be frugal with buying food
* The healthiest diet and a quick budgeting guide
* Healthcare info
* How to lose weight effectively
* Negotiating gym membership prices
* Sex products and the truth about porn
* Info on the best phone service deals
* Different ways to get internet for less money

Buy this book now and start learning how you can cut your finances in half, make smarter buying decisions, and be happier and more content.

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