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Gone Carp Fishing

Length: 212 pages3 hours


Steve Graham is a carp fisherman. He has been an angler for over fifty years, and during this time he has fished for many different species, but for the last twenty-five years he has fished almost exclusively for carp. He has caught many huge fish during this time, both in England and in France, and this book describes his recent angling adventures.
He has written several successful books, and this is probably one of his best. The way Steve writes, the reader almost feels as though they were out there on the bank with him. The book tells of all his successes and his failures, in his search for those most elusive of fish - Big Carp. Some of his fishing was done on some very difficult waters, and Steve reveals everything that he did that helped him to catch some fantastic carp. Nothing is held back, and most readers are sure to find something here that will help them in their own fishing.
But this book is far more than just another fishing book. Steve tells of all the ups and downs, and all of the people that he met along the way. A lot of Steve’s fishing during this period was done in France, but not on the commercial waters. Steve fished on a lot of far lesser known lakes, which he much prefers. These lesser known waters were little gems which provided Steve with that bit of mystery which just added to the excitement.
This is a book written with so much emotion and enthusiasm that it must surely inspire you to pick up a rod and follow in his footsteps.

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