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Kettlebell Workout Routines: Effective Kettlebell Training

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Are you fed up with boring cardio that’s hard on joints and yields slow fat burning results?

Want to maximize your workout time by doing something that actually targets multiple muscle groups all at the same time?

Want to take advantage of a training method that burns a lot of calories and fat, soars metabolism, while sculpting and transforming your body?

Want to get ripped, toned, lean and trim and rock the body of your dreams?

Grab Kettlebell Workout Routines: Effective Kettlebell Training

Includes many illustrated Kettlebell moves with step by step instructions.The training guide comes complete with illustrations to help readers understand the steps of the moves and also provides proper form and safety tips to avoid injury and yield the best results for your body transformation.   

• Kettlebell Chest Press  
• Kettlebell Curl
• Kettlebell Deadlift
• Kettlebell Swing
• Kettlebell Row
• The Russian Twist
• Much More

Complete Workout Plans

Best of all, it also includes complete workout plans with detailed instructions that target different goals so you can start training right away!

Including Workouts For:

• Fat Burning
• Beginners
• Intense Full Body Transformation

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