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Evolution of Consciousness: A Journey Guided by Universal Law
Evolution of Consciousness: A Journey Guided by Universal Law
Evolution of Consciousness: A Journey Guided by Universal Law
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Evolution of Consciousness: A Journey Guided by Universal Law

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About this ebook

The human physical body has not changed much in the last 20 to 30 thousand years; however, the human Consciousness has expanded enormously over the same period. The human Consciousness has evolved from the cave man, hunter/gatherer stage to the modern civilized human. In recent history (the last 200 years or so), the evolutionary process has accelerated immensely, due to the huge advances in science and technology. These advances may seem haphazard to the ordinary person but they are not. Universal laws such as the "Law of Cause and Effect", "Law of Relativity", and the "Law of Evolution" guide these advances forward in an inconspicuous but firm way. We have come a long way in our development but we still have a long, long way to go in our future. The stages of Consciousness described in this book are:
1.Plant Consciousness Stage
2.Animal Consciousness Stage
3.Human Consciousness Stage
4.Soul Consciousness Stage
5.Cosmic Consciousness Stage
6.Spiritual Consciousness Stage
Each stage of development takes many earth years to come to fruition, but each step is a gigantic step towards true love, peace, joy, and bliss. Also discussed is the relationship between the human brain and the mind. Three levels of mind discussed are:
1.Sub-conscious mind, also called Instinctive Mind.
2.Conscious Mind, also called Intellectual Mind
3.Supper-consciousness mind, also called Intuitive Mind
Other questions that are analyzed and scrutinize are as follows:
•What is the personality and ego?
•What is the Higher Self?
•What are the functions of Universal Laws?
•What is the relationship of modern science and Spirituality?
•What is reincarnation?
•What is linear and non-linear time?
•What is Nature's Guiding Intelligence (NGI)?
•What are the Higher Domains of the Universe?
•What is the process of Physical Death?
•What are some of the recommended techniques for further Spiritual Growth?
•Compare four models of Stages of Consciousness (in Appendix C).

PublisherFloyd Perez
Release dateNov 3, 2014
Evolution of Consciousness: A Journey Guided by Universal Law
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Floyd Perez

About the AuthorMr. Perez earned his degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&I University and started his career in the oil industry where he maintained and operated oil well logging equipment. In the early 1960s, electronic technology was based on vacuum tubes which were soon replaced by transistor technology and soon after that integrated circuits started to dominate. Mr. Perez started his electronics design career when integrated circuits were in their infancy. After about three years experience designing instrumentation related to the oil field, Mr. Perez joined the NASA contractor team at Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas. Starting in 1967, he was involved with design, development and implementation of ground support instrumentation for the Mission Control Center (MCC). One of the first project assignments was the design of ground support equipment for ALSEP which is an acronym for Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package. One of the main objectives of ALSEP was to collect seismic data from the surface of the moon and transmit the data to MCC for analysis. Mr. Perez designed the equipment to receive the seismic data in digital form, convert it to analog, and distribute the analog data to strip chart recorders throughout the MCC for Principal Investigators to study and analyze. During the next 27 years, Mr. Perez was involved in the design and implementation many other ground support projects to include support for such missions as the Apollo-Soyuz docking, Skylab, and later the Space Shuttle.While working in the space program at JSC, Mr. Perez also found time to read and study various metaphysical philosophies. Mr. Perez believes that many of the long standing and nagging questions of life, mind, the Soul, and God can be answered through the study of metaphysics. The study of metaphysics was treated as a personal hobby from which much pleasure and joy was gained. Mr. Perez believes that his work in the space program was also beneficial to his own personal and spiritual development since exploration of our earth and of space is synonymous with learning about Mother Nature and Mother Nature is an important aspect of God. He believes that science and spirituality are aspects of each other.

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